Conquer Everyday Frustrations

Not doing EFT when you really need it may cause you to lose one of its major benefits!


Do you tend to dismiss the idea of tapping when you’re in a crisis? Do you think of it as a waste of time? Or not even think of it at all at such a time?

A client of mine who is a strong advocate of EFT because it has helped her resolve several important issues in her life, routinely “forgets” to do it when under extreme pressure. At such a time she considers it a waste of time and not a priority.

The fact is – we all tend to dismiss EFT at such times no matter how highly we value it. This is only human nature…

Actually, EFT has proven to be highly effective if used on the spot, even in emergency situations, but unfortunately, it is usually when you need it the most that you are least apt to use EFT!

The Solution is: This special training set.

For the first time since I’ve been creating my special training sets, I have combined TWO distinct training audios with their accompanying e-Books, to address the frustrating situations that you and I encounter every day.

Here is what’s in them:


Conquer Everyday Frustrations audio and ebook

Because of a natural tendency to dismiss EFT as “unimportant” when we’re in threatening or high stress situations, we forfeit the healing power of EFT exactly when it would be of most help. Because of this I am including my “Overcome Resistance to Tapping” audio and e-Book in the two training sessions, to directly address this issue.

With this training, you learn to do EFT automatically, even under extreme circumstances, just as you would use any physical emergency measure that becomes automatic when you encounter a difficulty or an emergency.

Training Set #B

Eliminate Your Resistance to Tapping audio and ebook

In my training audio, “Conquer Everyday Frustrations,” and my e-book of tapping exercises, “Handling Frustrating Encounters with Machines (As Well As People),” you’ll learn how to tap away your sense of helplessness and after that to install a sense of calm and confidence during any frustrating moment.

When you do so, you become important. You become the one who counts, instead of it being an outside circumstance.

What does this combination package do for you?

As a set, these audios and tapping exercises will give you with the amazing power of EFT when used to deal with frustrating encounters and traumatic situations that might occur on any day.

These tapping exercises are a “must” if you want to remain fully protected emotionally in times of high stress.

Conquer Everyday Frustrations special audios and ebooks

Get both sets of audios and their e-books –
4 products in all – for just $14.00

Bring “calm” into your life today!

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