Clearing the Traumas of Everyday Life

Military Man Clearing Trauma

The Biggest Misconception That Creates Fear…

Can you guess what this is?

Try a few little hints:

1. You have almost certainly experienced it often.

2. It has an amazing way of feeling like “the truth”.

3. Without it your life would be free from hundreds of common worries.

4. It is a major source of psychological trauma and suffering.

If you didn’t guess what it … Continue reading

EFT for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

By Dr. Patricia Carrington

Some things happen unexpectedly with EFT, which leads to innovations and new ways to employ this remarkable tool. These surprise discoveries extend the use of EFT, making us even more able to help ourselves and others.

My client “Marla” entered my office with much self-recrimination because she had failed to report an incident wherein the actions of a neighbor could have affected one of their children.

Although no harm had … Continue reading