The Benefits of Using Modern Meditation with EFT

While there may be other reasons for the success I've experienced through combining EFT tapping and modern meditation, I have observed many positive patterns over the more than 25 years of experimenting with using these two techniques for my clients and groups.

Some of these "positives" include:

  • Meditation Reduces Anxiety Markedly
  • Meditation’s Energy Increase Can Assist EFT
  • Meditation Makes Previously Buried Emotions More Accessible
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Using EFT with Addictions and Compulsions – Articles

While EFT is somewhat less often reported being used for addictions and compulsions than it is for other conditions, in the proper hands, EFT has been used to combat some major addictions with considerable success, usually over a period of time however, these conditions require persistence.


The proper use of EFT for addictions and compulsions depends on several important factors.  When you read the case reports below you will … Continue reading