Are You Biting Your Way to Unwanted Pounds?

Emotional Overeating by Dr. Patricia CarringtonI’m sure you’ve heard it said that boredom can put on weight. People are known to eat unwisely when they are bored. You’ve also probably heard that being anxious can put on weight. People often eat comfort foods to calm themselves.

But – feelings of ANGER? What can anger possibly have to do with overeating and putting on unwanted pounds?

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How to Lose Weight with Energy Therapy – By Carol Look

How to Lose Weight with EFT Audios by Carol Look


Audio Training by Carol Look

These audios, teach mental health practitioners and lay people how to apply Emotional Freedom Techniques to their unique challenge of losing weight. It is full of training exercises, information, insights, suggestions and helpful hints for how to conquer a weight problem with EFT.

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