Can We Really Become NEW Each Day?

Rev. Karen Kushner of the Center for Spiritual Living in Princeton, NJAbout Rev. Kushner’s Talk

Today I’m excited to be able to share this talk by someone whom I consider to be truly exceptional.

Rev. Karen Kushner has for the past 20 years been the vital and much loved pastor of the Center for Spiritual Living in Princeton, NJ, a nondenominational parish consisting of like-minded people who openly embrace energy psychology and many other self growth methods and philosophies as part of their beliefs. They are enthusiastically up to date and nontraditional, one reason I so enjoy the meetings.

Actually, this modern day inspirational equivalent of a church so resonates with my own thinking that their Rev. Karen is a source of delight and inspiration to me. Her wonderfully high energy and keenly perceptive mind has helped me hone my own thinking to reach an even greater depth over the past two years since I “discovered” this forward-looking group right here in my own home town!

Thank you Karen!

Today I bring you her surprising and inspiring talk on the subject of  “Can We Really Become So NEW Each Day That We’re Almost Unrecognizable?” I think you will find her point of view unusually refreshing.



If you have just listened to Rev. Karen’s talk I would like so much to have your feedback on how this feature affects you.  Did you find this talk useful? Would you like to hear more talks by Rev. Karen in the future? LEAVE YOUR COMMENT BELOW.


  1. Would appreciate more of Rev. Karen – yes please…

  2. Each and everyday I realize more and more what lights me up and brings me joy. And everry day I walk through the fear that tries to sabotage it!

  3. Who knows who we are in potential?
    Inspiring and challenging.
    More please of Rev. Karen’s wisdom.

  4. Thank you Pat & Rev. Kushner! How can I hear the entire lecture? It cuts off where Rev. Kushner begins to explain how to “build self image and identify w/divinity Within. Hope to hear complete lecture- very inspiring! Thank you!

    • Hi Dee! Thank you for your kind comments!
      I just listened to this talk and it DOES continue beyond what you were able to hear. Perhaps something ended your listening to the talk prematurely. I would recommend you try again!!!!

  5. What a wonderful lady! Just the sort of motivation I feel I need to turn the many promises I make into actual daily activity. I love the concept of ” who will the person sitting in my study be this time next week or next month”
    Thanks so much for the introduction. I would love to hear some more from Rev Karen.
    With my Love and Best Regards

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