Can EFT Make a Quantum Leap with This Easy Trick?



Did you ever leave an EFT session or class with the thought, “EFT is SOOOO good, so helpful.  Why don’t I tap many more times daily? Wouldn’t that multiply the good it already does for me?


The answer is “Of course it would.”


Why then do most of us so seldom even attempt to use EFT as often as possible?


Suppose I were to tell you that the reason you forget to do EFT nearly as often as you should to get full benefit from it, is really very simple?


It’s because EFT has never become a central habit in your life. It has not become AUTOMATIC. Although you see its value, it has simply not shaken up your routine of living.


Suppose I also tell you that I have stumbled across a way of getting around this block to using EFT nearly as effectively as it can be used? This is a way that doesn’t take years for you to put into practice, and will start helping you to create an ingrained habit of using the act of EFT tapping, right away.


The fact is that in order to accomplish that, all you have to do is call attention to an EFT phrase you would like to incorporate into your life – and pair it up with something delightful that you already do. And, because it is necessary to call attention to this phrase repeatedly, you will want a very easy way of doing this.


A Little Story….

A simple idea for how to do this came to my mind the other day when I was having brunch with a good friend who is a psychologist. She happened to be sipping a special bone broth she loved at the time (which I love too!) and, I saw she was drinking it from a handsome mug from which steam curled upwards.


My friend said to me, “I’ve taken on a new habit lately that I want to tell you about. Want to know what it is?”


I nodded because I always like hearing about new ideas.


“Well,” she said. “I’ve been systematically pretending to myself that this mug you see here is a messenger that can remind me of my favorite EFT phrase, “I choose to be calm and confident” every time I take a sip from it. And do you know how many times a day I sip from this mug? If I include my broth in the morning and my herbal teas later on – it must be dozens!”


“And do you know?” she continued, “I am finding myself more calm and confident throughout the day.  It’s having a subliminal effect on me.”


I found myself thinking, “Could it be that what she’s doing when drinking from that mug shows us how we can make EFT more important in our life?  How about pairing EFT up with some really pleasant thing we already do lots of times a day?”


But this of course bought me to a stalemate.  How could we possibly make ourselves think of an EFT phrase (a very beneficial thing to do) when we were doing something else?


It didn’t occur to me at this point that a more effective use of EFT might be “just a mug away!”


But – it wasn’t long after our brunch that another thing happened which made me think more about this important question.


 A different friend was telling me about a “custom-made” mug that she had purchased for her mother on Mother’s Day – she had had her mother’s name imprinted on it followed by the phrase “… is the BEST mother ever!”


The wording was certainly not very original, but her mother had loved it and it made me wonder whether a mug with an EFT Reminder Phrase on it might conceivably help us with our EFT practice?


At that very moment the “EFT Reminder Mug” was born.


And now we’ll skip forward in time so you can actually see a few of my newly created EFT Reminder Mugs right now, they are ones I designed myself.


To see a sneak preview of our first 4 EFT Reminder Mugs…

Scroll down!


For more information about each mug click on a mug image.

EFT Reminder Coffee Mug - I deeply and completely accept myself

EFT Reminder Coffee Cup - I choose to be calm and confident

EFT Reminder Coffee Mug - I choose to be calm and confident

EFT Reminder Mug - I choose to let it be easy


Beginning Today

We will be selling these EFT Reminder Mugs

online for $14.99 each – shipped right to your door. (These mugs can only ship when 3 or more mugs have been sold, so there might be a delay in shipping.)


To buy your mug CLICK HERE


I know you are really going to enjoy these special mugs and you may even be quite surprised at the effectiveness of this fun and easy process which at the same time creates a strong habit of using EFT Tapping more often throughout your day.


After you have been using your mug for a while, I would love for you to comment below and share your experience with me!


Have a Happy Day!


Pat C.

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