Are You in the “Flow” Zone?


To find out, choose your answer for each topic below that applies to you in the following list of experiences. 

Persistent worry typically occurs when one is not often “in the flow” zone. Do you experience persistent worry?*
Even if you experience some muscular tension (in back, neck, etc.), when you are in the Flow state you will barely notice it, because you will be so absorbed in the wonder of that state. Are you aware of frequent (or continuous) muscular tension?*
The Flow state makes you forget about anxiety because you become so pleasantly “lost” in the Flow. Do you experience frequent anxiety? *
When in Flow, the excitement and exhilaration is so high that exhaustion is often eliminated. Do you experience frequent exhaustion or low energy?*
Flow is the opposite of depression – the two cannot co-exist. Do you experience frequent depression? *
When in Flow you will be supremely confident. Do you have a lack of self-confidence and difficulty in asserting yourself? Flow is the opposite of that. *
Flow brings unlimited creativity often amounting to what feels like ecstasy. Do you experience blocked creativity or productivity? If so it is inconsistent with Flow and indicates you need more Flow in your life. *

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, you are very likely not often (if ever) in the "Flow" zone...

In addition to providing relief from the unwanted experiences previously listed, meditation can be used as a tool for self-development.  Would you like to experience any of the following positive states?

improved physical coordination and speed in athletic performance*
increased job proficiency *
enhanced creativity*
improved capacity for studying and learning *
greater self acceptance*
increased capacity to relate to others with openness and warmth *
enhanced enjoyment of yourself and others *
a sense of harmony with life*

If you answered "Yes" to one or more of the above items, Dr. Carrington's easy to learn CSM (Clinicially Standardized Meditation) program may help you to achieve a much healthier and happier life and can often do so soon after commencing the practice of meditation.



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