Adventures in Self-Healing Using Home Lasers

Sandi RadomskiNot long ago, I interviewed my good friend and colleague, Dr. Sandi Radomski, a leading naturopathic doctor and innovative energy psychology expert, in a ground breaking teleseminar.  You may even be one of those who attended it.


At that time, Sandi presented a then little known method she had been using for more than seventeen years with amazing success for allergies.  It was a home administered technique using a small low-intensity (safe) laser.  Her results were remarkable for that purpose and she told us about some other uses of this extraordinary small laser as well, all we knew about at that time.

and here is where it gets exciting –


Since that time, new and unusual uses have been discovered for the laser, and the technology has advanced so that the discussion of this method called for another live interview with Dr. Radomski in which:

  • Those who already possess the small lasers learned what new things they may be able to do with them.
  • Those who hadn’t been exposed as yet to the wonders of this instrument learned not only about its use for allergies (still a major application) but also for pain, arthritis, cosmetic rejuvenation, and some NEW uses of low-level lasers, which may be a surprise to everyone, offering amazing hope for the future.

During the interview, Dr. Radomski and I engaged in an extremely informative and fascinating discussion on the latest scientific research, Sandi’s unusual case histories, the advantages of low-intensity lasers, their present limitations, and their potential for the future. The event lasted nearly 2 hours!

We also answered many important questions from the audience about using home lasers and received deeply excited responses to the new information revealed for the first time in that interview.

Having used these low-level light lasers with exceptional results, myself, I highly recommend that you listen to the replay below and explore more about their amazing healing capabilities.

Listen to the Interview



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