Adding Sparkle to the Choices Method

SparklerFor many years, I have advised people to make their personal Choices affirmations “draw like a magnet.” This is a far more effective approach than simply stating the Choice in neutral or merely correct language. In my EFT Choices Manual I devote a full section to the way in which you can enliven the language of a Choice so that it becomes much more effective for purposes of personal change, making EFT more dynamic and powerful.

Carol M., a reader of the Choices manual whom I met through her letters, and her friend, Barbara, became so interested in the idea of making Choices into a personal advertisement directed to one’s self that will “sell” the concept you are choosing to yourself in a compelling manner — that they sat down, pulled out a thesaurus and began composing a list of words that they felt had an exciting and magnetic impact upon them. These were strong words, feeling words. They then sent the complete list to me with thanks for my having inspired them to compose them.

I found their list so interesting that I have provided below some examples of EFT Choices based upon the words they suggested. A few of these are words I had already been using myself to spice up Choice making, but many are words that I had not thought of and which I consider valuable enough to devote space here to describing.

I hope Carol and Barbara will not mind if I digress a bit from their original intent in some of my phrases.

The word “Surprise”…
As in: “I choose to surprise myself by how easy (pleasant, etc.) this (formerly undesirable) task is.”

Using this phrase reminds me of the way the renowned hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson used the words surprised and delighted when he was giving imbedded hypnotic commands to his patients. Erickson was a master at disarming the person and at creating enormously strong motivations for change. I have for years utilized the surprise element in Choices as well, and find it can be one of our more powerful EFT tools.

As in, “I choose to delight in seeing my house in order.” This Choice can take any task which is seen as onerous and convert it to something that is extremely positive, in that it produces delight. This is a highly effective reframe that can be an excellent strategy for achieving an about face with regard to a particular issue.

As in, “I choose to get a thrill out of getting my work in on time.” This is another strongly motivating reframe.

As in, “I choose to be inspired by the challenge of completing this manuscript.”

As in, “I choose to be impressed with how easily I can study for the math exam.” The word “impressed” here converts the desired goal into one which is strongly positive.

As in, “I choose to relish my new ability to assert myself.”

As in, “I choose to be intrigued by the challenge of (doing such and such).”

As in, “I choose to be energized by regular exercise” or “I choose to be energized by my ability to confront… (whatever).” There is an element of surprise in here as well — we don’t expect to be energized by something we haven’t liked in the past and it therefore represents a powerful reframe.

As in, “I choose to be blessed by my ability to play the piano.” This can be an excellent word for someone with a spiritual or religious orientation. It could make all the difference between that person allowing him or herself to embrace a particular Choice, or not do so.

As in, “I choose to find a brilliant solution to (that problem).”

As in “I choose to thrive on getting my appointments correct.”

As in, “I choose to attract some wonderful new friends.” The word “attract” has a special meaning for many people, particularly those who have an orientation that assumes that we attract certain things or people into our lives according to our thoughts, attitudes, etc.

As in “I choose to radiate love to all I meet.”

As in, “I choose to find it incredibly easy to follow my new diet.”

As in “I choose to find it exhilarating to exercise each day.”

As in, “I choose to luxuriate in my new ability to remember names.”

….We could go on and on with this. I did not use all of the words that these kind respondents suggested because I felt some were more amenable to creating EFT Choices than others. But this incomplete list should whet your appetite for more such words and phrases, this time those that you will create. It can be an adventure to create this kind of vitality in a Choice, and it is many times worth the relatively small effort required.

It also makes the whole process a lot more fun for everyone concerned. I recommend that you play with words and phrases in this fashion. This way each Choice can be a well constructed advertisement to one’s own self, it becomes almost irresistible. This the kind of choice that carries an enormous punch and can bring about a rapid, sometimes amazing change. …Have I motivated you by the words in this article? I hope so!


  1. I am thrilled by these incredibly brilliant suggestions–many thanks!

  2. Joan Hathaway-Sheldon

    We forget how powerful words can be. I love these words and I love making choices that deliver upbeat, expansive feelings because when we start, mostly we’re feeling down and contracted. Upbeat and expanded and deliriously, outrageously happy is where I want to be. Yay EFT!

    • Yay Joan! I couldn’t agree more. It takes excitement and real enthusasim to shift one’s vibration – but when you do, oh my goodness!

      Yay Joan! It takes enthusiasm and genuine exhuberance to shift your vibration, but when you do – oh my goodness! Yes, words can be a WONDERFUL help in this.


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