Learn to Meditate for Enhanced Athletic Performance

Learn Meditation to Sharpen Your Focus, Eliminate Performance Anxiety, Shorten Recovery Time, and Increase Endurance

The award-winning Clinically Standardized Meditation (CSM), developed by Patricia Carrington, Ph.D., is a safe and easy-to-learn method of meditation that can be mastered on your own in a short period of time.

~ CSM differs from other forms of meditation ~

It is completely self-regulated and has no arbitrary commands, assignment of standardized “mantras,” need for meditative postures, or other special “traditional” requirements. The method, as taught by Dr. Carrington, addresses many meditation-related experiences and questions that other programs seldom address. Such experiences and concerns are what often cause people to discontinue other meditation methods they may have learned.

Among the many benefits of meditation, the CSM training method, once mastered, can be used to quickly and easily reduce tension, panic or anxiety in specific situations — anytime you need it, which can be before or even during an athletic performance.

Athletes who have used the CSM method have also reported that they experienced increased energy, stamina, focus and coordination. (Hear audio below. It takes a few seconds to load.)

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Now, you can experience all of the benefits of CSM, easily, and quickly integrate it into your own schedule!

With the Learn to Meditate Kit, Dr. Carrington guides you, step by step, with extensive program materials that include:

User Friendly Training Manual
Step-by-Step Questionaires
Accompanying Advisory Sheets
Progress Charting
4 Instructional Audios



Learn to Meditate






Learn to Meditate Kit



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Learn to Meditate Kit










The CSM training method has been used extensively in medical institutions and other organizations. As part of a pilot study at the New York Telephone Company, in 1983, on the use of meditation for stress in the workplace, Dr. Carrington and her CSM method became the recipient of the National Mental Health Association Award for the Outstanding Preventive Health Program of the Year.


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