12 Powerful EFT Choices for a Remarkable 2017

Life is forever expressing itself in new and wonderful ways.  We have an infinite number of Choices for 2017 and we need not waste the power of these Choices by trying to repeat the old, the tried and true, that which we have seen others do, or that which we have endlessly seen ourselves do.  Our real life is in the new – always.

Below, I offer you 12 Choices which, like the magic gifts of the genie in times past, can be used in any way you want.  However, they are purposely limited in number.  If you want more Choices you can create them on your own and give them the life force of you!

These 12 choices can be used in unlimited ways and for an unlimited number of times. They are best made now, this month, and this day, if possible, to shape your year ahead.


Repeat the same Choice at each tapping point for a whole round of tapping, or if you do not use EFT tapping, just say each choice to yourself 8 times out loud and let that be your new expression for each day.

Here are 12 Key Choices that can take you into new territory for the year 2017:

  1. I choose to know that life has infinite possibilities for its expression and that each one is unique – life, like a snowflake, never really repeats itself.


  1. I choose to understand that life loves every NEW expression of itself – it wants to be ever engaged in renewal.


  1. I choose to be forever creating my own special world and no longer interested in just repeating myself, on any level.


  1. I choose to be fascinated with all the new ways I can express myself today and tomorrow and in the future and become an even greater expression of – me!


  1. Because true creation is always an advance from what has gone before, I expect my life in 2017 to be far in advance of what I have experienced so far in all the years I have lived.


  1. I choose to have 2017 be full of more Good for me than I have ever experienced before.


  1. I choose to become more aware of exactly how I want to feel throughout the day, knowing that how I feel is the key to my fulfillment.


  1. I choose to know a greater experience of Love in 2017 than I have ever known at any time in my life.


  1. I choose to experience more satisfying Health than I have ever experienced before in my life.


  1. I choose to experience more satisfying Wealth than I have ever experienced before in my life.


  1. I choose to expand the experience of Good in my life constantly.


  1. I choose to have 2017 be my year – and a great and glorious on!.

 Consider these Choices a gift to you from the New YEAR itself…


  1. Hello Patricia.
    Thank you for your kindness and generosity you share with us !
    I ‘ve done EFT level 1 in English language, and then tapping on and off for long time because my English is not my first language and I heard that it is working only if you do in your native language.
    Please enlight me on this dillema.
    Thank you

  2. Beautiful! I can feel my heart expanding just reading through these once, Pat. AND there’s a huge grin on my face! Thank you for spreading the joy.

    • Patricia Carrington

      Janet, that makes me so happy! I love RENEWAL myself – the excitement of the new – and that is exactly what I hoped to be able to give to all of you. Thanks so much for letting me know that some of it got across. I had a seasonal virus when I wrote it and that may be why no. 7 is Missing. I will be sending it to my entire list later. Thanks so much for the feedback.

  3. I can still remember the first time I was introduced to your Choices Method, Pat. I instantly fell in love with “choosing something better”. I also love the word commit…”I commit to having 2017 be MY year!”

    • Kathy, I love Choices too and am creating some new and wonderful things for it – you will hear of them soon. In the meantime, use these 12 (no. 7 will be coming along soon – it got lost in the holiday crowd!) Choices as a very good start for 2017, and have a wonderful year.

  4. Thank you so much Pat for your generosity of spirit and giving us these wonderful seeds to plant and nourish in 2017.

  5. Thank you so much, Pat, for this gift. These choices will be a wonderful guide for me in 2017. Wishing you peace, health and happiness throughout 2017. Happy New Year!

  6. Thank you dear Pat you are a continual inspiration and have been throughout my life since I met you sixteen years ago. Hugs to you for your many gifts you have given to me often without either of us being aware at the time. Only later on they come to me again just when I need one of your golden nuggets.

    Enjoy a bountiful year throughout 2017 love and hugs from Mair

    • Mary Llewellyn! How lovely to hear from you, and in such a wonderful spirit of goodness and hope and light. Thank you for your lovely words…(Choice no. 7, which was lost in the “crowd” – will be along soon!)

  7. Thank you for your generosity, Pat. These “choices” are very powerful and I look forward to implementing them SOON! “Be Well” in all that you encounter in 2017.

  8. A very Happy New year to you too. Wishing you every success ,wonderful and unimaginable enlightenment and experiences .
    It is by giving that you receive. Many thanks,

  9. Many thanks, Pat! I love the choices you have provided, and will make good and constant use of them.

    A very Happy New Year, and sending blessings for all that can come your way for your best and highest good.

    In Love, Light, Rainbows and Song, Lauree

  10. You are such a gift, Pat. Thank you for these and Happy New Year! Helen

  11. Thank you Pat and I hope 2017 is the best of everything you choose it to be !

  12. What a lovely way to begin the New Year. I can see how these may help me better cope with the new so called President. Thank you for your generosity in sharing them.

    • Thank you for your generosity. I noticed you went from 6-8 when listing the twelve key choices for 2017 I love your work #4 resonated with me I have been working on speaking up

    • Micki, coping with the world when it definitely goes against our own good judgment and good will and lovingness, is a challenge indeed, and yet a wonderful inner wealth which we all possess, and which these Choices can foster, will help enormously inwardly this year, and WHO KNOWS, it may have its good repercussions in a wider sense too. We shall see…

    • I think this comment of yours got posted twice. So – I will answer it twice with great good will and good wishes!

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