Dr. Patricia CarringtonDr. Patricia Carrington comes to Inner Guidance Counseling through a path that leads from being a psychologist using conventionial “talk” therapy, through the intriguing world of modern meditation and energy psychology, into the expanded realm of Inner Guidance therapy – an area inspired by the work of the renowned spiritual leader, Gil Alan.

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According to Dr. Carrington, Gil Alan’s “Reconnect to the Wisdom of Your Heart” eight week online workshop changed her life fundamentally and that of many others, vastly increasing their ability to help themselves and others.

“Pat,” as she is affectionately called by her students, clients and many followers around the world, has inspired thousands of people through her books, lectures, audios and other media. Now she is dedicated to sharing the extended healing power of Inner Guidance Counseling with other health practitioners, and is making it available to a selected group of clients on an individual level.

What they are saying about
Inner Guidance Counseling and Dr. Carrington

“I had the wonderful good fortune of having Dr. Pat Carrington work with me during a recent crisis in my home that was dangerous and could have had serious consequences for me had I not had her ever-present help in handling it. I could email her almost daily telling her what my guides were telling me and she would unerringly suggest additional penetrating questions to ask of them. Her loving presence and ....(read more)
Constance Kitatake, New York USA

“Pat, after working with you I am now confident that I can access memories or past life experiences in a calm comfortable way that can be so easily restructured with a totally new, healing, loving energy. Makes it all so much less scary to look at knowing one can easily change the vibration around it and therefore the effect it has on oneself.

Christine Gaber, Canada

“Dr. Carrington has studied closely with me and is the only person I can honestly say that I trust enough to send my own clients, friends, and family to. “Pat” people call her, has over 40 years experience as a leading psychologist, pioneer in the field of Energy Psychology, and EFT Founding Master. And not only is she deeply connected to spirit herself, but she has the passion, the curiosity, the drive, and commitment to this work that takes it to a level you will not experience through any other practitioner I know of. Dr. Carrington receives my highest recommendation!”

Gil Alan, Los Angeles, California www.gilalan.com

"In a single session with Dr. Carrington the work I really want to do in this lifetime became clear to me and took on a new depth and meaning. This has resulted in a new sense of purpose which is powerful. Pat took me on a guided imagery journey to meet an historical figure of great importance in my area of study, and his confidence in me and... (read more)

Pam G. United Kingdom

“I was facing an inner block that wouldn't budge and it was preventing me from pursuing the spiritual path I wanted to follow. Pat Carrington stepped in at just the right moment and helped me face an issue that had been haunting me. My experience with my guides has been remarkably different since then. She was so caring and supportive that I think anyone wanting help in a time of darkness or confusion will find a guiding light when they work with her. ”

Z. S., Singapore

I seemed to remember a past life that terrified me when I even thought of it, although I could never believe that as an adult and a professional I could get so terrified about that kind of thing. I have always believed me to be a down to earth person. Dr. Carrington kindly offered to help me with this. During the guided imagery, there was no sense of urgency. I could process it all at my own timing and she was gentle and encouraging. Although in the beginning I was about to go back to panic... (read more)

Dr. Marja-Liisa Panula, Finland

I wanted to take this time to THANK YOU for your help. You were such an extra bonus for me in helping me understand what was going on in my life that I couldn't see, but it was preventing me from connecting to my guides. It is amazing to know what you brought out in me with so much patience. Much love.

Debra D. New York USA

If you are ready to move to the next level in your life and want to experience a major shift in consciousness with Inner Guidance Counseling here are the options Dr. Carrington offers:


Client Services 

Dr. Carrington makes Inner Guidance Counseling available on a one-to-one basis to selected clients who want to experience the profound healing of their heart connection and their lives that can result from being reconnected to their inner guidance as experienced through their "spirit guides." This process allows each person to rediscover a deep inner wisdom within their own being.


Your first step in applying for Inner Guidance Counseling is to fill out Dr. Carrington’s Basic Assessment Questionnaire.



After she has reviewed your Basic Assessment Questionnaire, if Dr. Carrington feels it would be helpful to you to work with her or if she feels it would be more useful for you to work with someone else, you will be notified either way and her assistant will work with you to make the appropriate arrangements.


The Packages

Because of the nature of this work, Dr. Carrington conducts her work in segments or “packages” of 1, 3, 9, or 12 sessions as described below.



1. Basic Packages:

1 90-minute telephone session of Coaching and Psychotherapy with Dr. Carrington plus 10 days of daily email follow-up, cost = $300 paid in advance.


3 90-minute telephone sessions with Dr. Carrington plus 30 days of daily email followup, Cost: $875 if paid in advance, or 3 payments of $300 each.


Dr. Carrington’s basic packages are designed to provide you with the basic help you need to get started restructuring your life. They will give you a strong foundation in understanding yourself, clearing up some residual emotional issues that may be blocking you, and allowing you to connect to your highest wisdom through your own inner guidance. These packages include MP3 recordings of each of your ninety minute sessions to assist you in your home practice and can if you wish be used as an introduction to a more lengthy series of Inner Guidance sessions which will take you even further (see below):


2. Intermediate Package: Nine 90-Minute sessions of Telephone Coaching and Psychotherapy with Dr. Carrington plus Daily Email Follow-Up for the next 60 days and 2 of Dr. Carrington’s online training series personally selected for you. Cost: $2500 if paid in advance or 9 payments of $300 each.


Having 9 private 90-minute sessions with Dr. Carrington gives you a powerful foundation in connecting with your highest wisdom through your inner guidance and can clear away many additional blocks to your happiness.


3. Premium Package: Twelve 90-Minute sessions of Telephone Coaching and Psychotherapy with Dr. Carrington plus Daily Email Follow Up for the next 90 days, and 4 of Dr. Carrington’s online training series individually chosen for you. Cost: $3200 if paid in advance, or 12 payments of $300 each.


Dr. Carrington’s Premium Package provides you with 12 separate 90-minute private sessions with her, which will give you a powerful start on a new spiritual path, an exceptional foundation into understanding yourself, and can clear up an amazing number of remaining residual emotional issues that may be blocking you. By the end of this series, you will be well on your way to connecting to your highest wisdom through inner guidance and continuing the process on your own.


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NOTE: Remember that to work with Dr. Carrington you must first fill out the Basic Assessment Questionnaire.