Clearing the Traumas of Everyday Life

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The Biggest Misconception That Creates Fear…

Can you guess what this is?

Try a few little hints:

1. You have almost certainly experienced it often.

2. It has an amazing way of feeling like “the truth”.

3. Without it your life would be free from hundreds of common worries.

4. It is a major source of psychological trauma and suffering.

If you didn’t guess what it is… I will tell you.

It is the certainty that what you dread is carved in stone and will actually happen without fail.

Strangely enough, this false idea of certainty really does have a good intention behind it. Your mind has created this reality to help you survive, even though this false certainty can often undermine your very survival in a serious manner.

Why is your mind doing this?

Because that mind is imagining the worst-case scenario as being real so you can brace yourself for any impending disaster without being caught unprepared!

This is what behavioral psychologists know as “catastrophizing”. It is a fundamental survival mechanism that has become hardwired into the human brain.

But the truth is that the danger you are thinking of as a probability, is only one of unlimited possibilities, most of them much more positive and even more probable. 

The mistake we make so often is to think of one terrifying outcome and then decide it is inevitable.

My good news is…

A Major Misconception That Creates Fear eBook by Dr. Patricia CarringtonThis e-book, A Major Misconception that Creates Fear, serves as a companion to my popular audio “Traumas of Everyday Life.”


This e-book shows you how to switch from feeling that your most frightening imagined outcomes are certainties, and change to simply viewing them as one of many realistic possibilities.


You can then experience what Shakespeare has referred to as a “Sea Change,” into something new and wonderful.


Would you like to experience this change?


The special tapping class that accompanies this e-book can help you deal with your everyday traumas in a unique manner.


Clearing the Traumas of Everyday Life Audio

Clearing the Traumas of Everyday Life Audio with Dr. Patricia Carrington

Have you ever been caught in a traffic jam on the way to a crucial interview and felt you could do nothing to prevent missing that interview?

Have you ever been unable to pay a sizable bill that would create serious consequences if left unpaid?

Did you ever receive an unexpected medical diagnosis that threw everything in your life out of perspective because you dreaded its consequences?

These are just a few examples of the kinds of everyday traumas that we commonly experience.

This training session audio will show you how to avoid unnecessary trauma by developing a new and liberating perspective, one that can be an ever-present help at times of trouble.

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